Best concept cars at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

More often than not new showroom ready cars draw the biggest crowds at motor shows, but concept cars serve up the wildest ideas and designs, and there were plenty to see at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Though these are vehicles built purely to sit on a show stand, they’re important tools for manufacturers. Carmakers can use concepts to gauge public and press reaction to new ideas too radical to place directly into production. 

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Concept cars preview new design languages, new technology and new segments for certain brands. This year at Geneva, electric concepts were hugely popular with major manufacturers sounding out entries into the EV market. Autonomous concepts were in popular demand too, with many brands showcasing their intentions to deliver self-driving cars in the future. At the other end of the scale, some concepts were direct sneak peeks at cars you’ll see on sale very soon.

We’ve put together a captioned gallery with some of the most important concept cars on show at Geneva this year. Click through to see and read about the industry’s latest future predictions and projections.

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Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo front quarter

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