Jaguar axes range-topping XE S and XF S models

  • Jaguar XE The XE"s six-cylinder variant has been axed
Rachel Burgess
20 April 2018
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Jaguar has axed its warm XE and XF variants, the XE S and XF S, which use the car maker’s supercharged six-cylinder engine.

The brand blamed the move on poor sales and changes in emission regulations.

The S variants of the XE and XF have been indirectly replaced with the XE 300 and XF 300, which use the 296bhp four-cylinder turbo unit found on the entry-level F-Type. 

While there is no word from Jaguar yet, it"s highly likely that the V6 unit will also be dropped from other models, including the XJ and F-Pace. The V6 F-Type is likely to remain.

This widespread move is likely to be in response to new real-world emissions tests pushing up CO2 output, which is in turn, increasing car makers" average CO2 output. With tough emissions targets to meet, Jaguar will need to cull certain models to help bring down its average. However, because the V6 F-Type is relatively low volume, it is likely to have little effect on this average and can therefore stay in the line-up.

Jaguar XE 300 Sport arrives with 296bhp and all-wheel drive

In reference to the XE S and XF S, a Jaguar spokesman said: “We have introduced the 296bhp 2.0L Ingenium, our most powerful four-cylinder engine yet, at a better price point [than the S models] which we are directing customers to, [so that they are] still getting a Jaguar driving experience but more efficiently.”

He added that S sales accounted for less than 2% of XE and XF sales in the UK. The spokesman added: “Coupled with impending emissions regulation changes, it makes sense to remove these variants from sale in the UK.”

The models are the latest victims of the new WLTP emission tests required on all new cars in Europe from 1 September. Many car makers are having to tweak engines to meet the requirements. 

Given the minuscule sales of the XE S and XF S, it would not be worth the R&D investment to make the V6 compliant. 

New WLTP emissions test could force heavy discounts on unsold cars

While the XE S and XF S are no longer available to order, there is some stock remaining in retailers. The models also remain on sale in North America, where hot saloons are popular. The US is not subject to the new emission regulations.

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