Audi TT RS Coupé long-term review

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Audi TT RS
Audi TT RS

Audi Sport drops a sub-4.0sec-to-60mph bomb into Porsche Cayman territory

  • First Drive Audi TT RS Coupé long-term review
    The Audi TT RS has the looks, a vociferous engine and the supercar-baiting performance, but is it too uncompromising to use as a daily driver?
  • First Drive 2016 Audi TT RS Roadster review
    TT RS Roadster adds roof-down sensory delight to the brutish package of the coupé but still plays second fiddle to Porsche
Nic Cackett
10 July 2018
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Why we"re running it: To see if the most hardcore TT is preferable to the cooking versions and a genuine alternative to a BMW M2

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Life with an Audi TT RS: Month 7

Against two key rivals, will the TT RS get a photographer’s nod? - 13th June 2018

An Audi TT has passed through a snapper’s hands at Autocar before. In fact, Stan Papior ran one not so long ago. It wasn’t as expensive or as fast as the RS currently in Nic Cackett’s possession, but it was just as red and had much the same make-life-easy DSG gearbox.

He rather liked it. Which seemed counter-intuitive to me, given that he has to heave roughly the same amount of photographic kit as I do on a daily basis. On the list of cars – even coupés - that would suit a jobbing photographer, the TT struck me as being no more up to the task than a Porsche Cayman.